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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Travelling Smart

Life comes a full circle, it’s such a cliché but living or experiencing life lessons is a must to realize why some of our old practices are worth following and keeping up with. While I knew the need to evoke the dormant repair gene in us, direct involvement makes me sit up and ponder rather reflect how my own mindset have changed over the years.
 Many years ago I remember during vacation time, I recall my mother carrying a sewing box in her travel bag. I did not understand why she would bother to carry it on a vacation. I mean sewing is chore, and we were on a holiday! I just could not understand!

And 20 years hence here I am carefully tucking a sewing kit in my travel bag. Well it’s amusing that I woke up to the wisdom only when I had a child of my own knowing that he cannot keep a pair of shoes in shape for more than a month.
So in May when we took a short vacation, the very first day we had a torn shoe and a Cap and we were in the middle of a coffee plantation. Not a soul around, apart from our hosts in the vicinity. While sipping my aromatic coffee in the evening I took out my sewing kit and voila sewed the sandals (thankfully it was a manageable tear) and patched the cap. It was such a pleasure to fix things. Contentment beyond words.

So next time you are on vacation, who knows travelling with a sewing kit may prove to be a blessing for you as well!

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